Sydney Leather Pride Logo Design Competition

SLPA wants to thank all those that submitted entries to the Logo Competition and to congratuate Alexander Evans as the winner.

LEATHER HEART - Design Rationale

The Leather Community is extremely diverse and includes people of all kinds from a broad range of sexualities, gender identities, kinks, activities and interests.
One of the things that unites them (aside from the interest in leather) is the welcoming and accepting nature of the Leather Community. Because of their visibility in the broader world the Leather Community are often in a position to be among the first to champion causes (which they have done admirably time and time again). As such I thought it fitting to use the Heart shape that is featured prominently on the Leather Pride Flag to represent the ‘Heart’ that is at the very core of the leather community, welcoming people, informing people and standing up for those whose voice is sometimes unheard. I believe that this is something that the Sydney Leather Community in particular has been doing for many years and I hope will continue to do for many more to come.
Alexander Evans

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