Leather Person of the Year

Leather Person of the Year

So, the dirty leather folk are patting themselves on the back you might say? Well, that’s not what Leather Person of the Year is all about. This award recognises individuals that have contributed in a significant way to the Leather Community though they may not necessarily be a “leather person” and their contribution doesn’t have to be for only the past year, it can recognise an ongoing contribution.

Members nominate suitable candidates and an independent panel selects the final recipient. Non members of SLPA can contact the Secretary of SLPA to suggest a nominee, but please remember that it is not a popularity poll or a beauty contest.

The first winner was Ron Handley, well known as “Fanny Farquhar”, not for being a drag legend in the infamous Dot & Fanny Show at the Newtown Hotel, but for his tireless fundraising and charity work in relation to HIV/ AIDS. Most people didn’t know that Ron was a Leatherman. Leather folk have often been at the forefront of the Gay Rights movement from CAMP Inc, the first Mardi Gras protest, the Gay Rights Lobby, AVP and right up to the current Mardi Gras. In fact some past Presidents of Mardi Gras have been leather folk.

This year our Leather Pride Week Planner has made a major change to this award, it will be announced at our Cocktail Party on Thursday 30th August, so come along, mingle, enjoy a cocktail and congratulate our newest member of this established award.

Who can be nominated?

Anyone who is a resident of New South Wales or the Australian Capital Territory. They don`t have to be a current member of SLPA. The nominee must be a suitable person to represent SLPA in the community and uphold the ideals of the Association.

Download the nomination form here.

Recent LPOY have included:

Ken Ingall 2012
David Malone LPOY 2011Leather Person of the Year 2011 David Malone
Gary Kennedy LPOY 2010
Leesa Morgan, LPOY 2009
Tara Mosalata, LPOY 2008

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