Sydney Mr Leather 2012

Dick Savvy 

It was roughly 6 years ago when I sat down on a Saturday night with a close mate and watched a DVD titled Mr Leather. The story followed a group of contestants behind the scenes of the Mr L.A Leather competition. It was at that moment that I turned to my mate and said “I want to compete in the Mr Leather Competition one day” and 6 years later… I actually did it!

As I set the wheels in motion to compete in the Sydney Mr Leather competition, a title held and owned by the Sydney Leather Pride Association, I never in my wildest dreams dreamt the amazing experience I was about to have, and all within the space of just a few months!
When SLPA awarded me the Mr Sydney title, the one thing that blew me away was the support and kindness from those within the Sydney Leather and Fetish community. From their kind words to offers of help to prepare for International Mr Leather (IML), this was the Sydney I wanted to represent in Chicago at IML! This was the Sydney I wanted to let everyone know about; a majestic city full of people bountiful with internal beauty and kindness. All of those qualities identify the Sydney Leather and Fetish community.

Being in Chicago at IML was an overwhelming experience. A lot of hot men from around the world, and all competing against me, what chance did I have? Not to mention the nerves kicking in about the speech! However, throughout the competition, I realized it was not about winning, it was about the bond that we created and shared. I now call these men my brothers, and that means more than any Leather Sash could.
Coming back to Sydney I know what I want to do. I want to work with my Brothers and Sisters in the Sydney Leather and Fetish community to build upon what we already have. I have already had the honour and privilege to work alongside Ms Sydney Leather, Tokyo on a couple of events: The Slave Auction and Rope Flow. I look forward to working on both of these events again in the future, and many more events that celebrate our community in conjunction with my sponsors.

Bringing Sydney’s Leather and Fetish scene together, celebrating its individuality and uniqueness and making it bigger and better than before is the legacy I would like to leave, and continue to work on long after the title has been passed to Sydney Mr Leather 2013.

Sydney Mr Leather 2010

Now in its third year Sydney Mr Leather elected John-Bernard Tyndall as our representative for 2010.

I am deeply honored to be Sydney Mr. Leather 2010, it is a title I am deeply committed to as I am a passionate advocate of the visibility and strength of our diverse, individual community.
I strive to make Leather and Fetish a vibrant and healthy part of the broader communities we live and love in.

As a biker for the last 16 years, Leather and Fetish is a large part of my life. Having a deep and loving respect for the Fetish culture and am now producing my own Fetish events here in Sydney for our community.

I am a strong believer in building our community to ensure a sustainable future - a community that celebrates the differences for Fetish  lovers and young people as they discover and embrace our uniquely beautiful lifestyle.

Everyday, I do what I can to support our community by volunteering wherever I am needed in the community.

I am looking forward to competing in the Australia & New Zealand Mr. Leather competition in Melbourne in April and I am fundraising to travel to Chicago in May to represent SLPA by competing at International Mr. Leather 2011.

John-Bernard Tyndall


Oxford Hotel - SLPA Sponsor