Sydney Ms Leather 2012

Ms Tokyo 


To me, being a titleholder is the greatest honour I could receive as a community member. I feel humbled my community has put their faith in me and has asked me to be an agent of change to drive the growth of our scene. I’ve come to feel more than just a member of our wonderful community; I feel I could play a contingent, active part and am intensely invigorated that I could make a contribution to our Leather scene, however great.

My title took me to San Francisco in March to compete representing Sydney at “International Ms Leather 2012”. It was a tough contest, but it taught me more about my role and potential value as a title holder in the world context than anything else could have. My experience also crystallized my resolve about my principles as a community leader and my queer politics. I return from the USA hoping to inspire others in the same way I was inspired in SF.

My title has taken me on an emotional journey, too. My coming out has felt like a protracted process, but I feel more at rest with myself now than ever. I lay myself at the feet of my community in service to repay the debt that the scene has helped me grow to accept and then to love myself and my queerness. Muhammad Ali once said; “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” I only hope I can follow in this great champion and fellow titleholder’s footsteps.

I look forward to the next eight months of my title working with Richard Savvy, Sydney Mr Leather 2012 and Sydney Leather Pride Association to make our great community even better in any way we can.

Sydney Ms Leather 2012

Sydney Ms Leather 2010

Hi, my name is Maree, aka Yes Mistress, and it is an honour to be named Mz Leather 2010. Leather for me is the erotic union of the cerebral and corporeal; the perfect vehicle for expressing passion, lust and love. The first time I saw a leather dyke in my coming out years, I was immediately seduced and longed to be part of her world and have that yearning desire within me nurtured. As well as looking hot; leather demands a code of respect, communication and consent and is the perfect scene for women who have always yearned for something that engages more than just the body in a celebration of erotic play, friendships and relationships.

As Mz Leather I would like to help welcome a more visible female presence and women's voice at SLPA. I look forward to working with our diverse community in celebrating who we are and welcoming new members into the fold.

Yes Mistress.

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