SLPA Women's Officer:

Love leather but don`t ride a motorbike. Then SLPA is for you.

Your voice was heard at the Women's Forum and now it is time to put a plan into action.
Become a member of SLPA and be a part of the new direction/identity for women in our community.

Learn the ropes from the many generous experienced women in our community, build your network of friends all while having a safe fun time.

Our aim is to run:

Regular women only play parties organised by SLPA
Education classes, including:
BDSM etiquette
Tools / toys explained
Rope work
Fire play
Role playing

Be a part, have your say in your leather / kink community while we cover such issues as gender inclusion, planning events, educating community etc that is integral to core values / principles of SLPA and provides continuity through changes in leadership.


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