The Leather Hanky Code

Source: Wikipedia

Color Meaning Practice
Black S&M Indicates the wearer's interest in hardcore SM play, especially whipping.
Red Fisting Left pocket: Insertive partner. Right pocket: Receptive partner.
Yellow Watersports Urinating on (left), or being urinated upon by (right), another person
Grey Bondage Play involving ropes, handcuffs, or other restraints that limit the bottom's ability to move.
White Safe Sex or Masturbation only Play only involving safe sex, masturbation, or mutual masturbation.
Light blue Oral sex Wearing it in the left back pocket or on the left side indicates willingness to receive oral sex. Wearing it in the right back pocket or on the right side indicates desire to perform oral sex.
Navy Blue Anal sex Wearing it in the left back pocket or on the left side indicates a preference to be the insertive partner (the "top" or "pitcher") during anal intercourse. Wearing it in the right back pocket or on the right side indicates a preference to be in the receptive role (the "bottom" or "catcher").
Light Pink Dildos
Charcoal Latex and PVC fetishism
Medium Blue Uniform fetish Police uniforms or uniforms worn by other authority figures
Teal Cock and ball torture
Khaki Uniform fetish Likes wearing military uniforms
Olive drab Military person Left: A military top; Right: a military bottom
Kelly green Male prostitution Left: a male prostitute; right: a John (someone looking for a prostitute)
Brown Scat
Orange Few limits When worn on the left, orange indicates that the wearer will top in relatively any fetish, anytime, anywhere. Conversely, when orange is worn on the right, it can indicate either the wearer will bottom in relatively any fetish, anytime, anywhere or can indicate "just looking, no play".
Robin Egg Blue 69
Deep Aqua Aquaphilia Having sex in water, such as in a bathtub, shower, hot tub, or swimming pool (see bunga bunga orgy)
Lime Food play Eating food off someone's body or having food eaten off one's body
Chamoise Motorcycle sex Indicates the wearer is looking for sex involving a motorcycle as a prop, or involving one or more bikers in the sexual activities.
Mauve Navel fetish
Dark Pink Tit torture
Magenta Armpits Left: likes to lick armpits; right: likes armpits licked; general armpit play.
Fuchsia Spanking Wants to spank (left); wants to be spanked (right)
Purple Piercings Actually piercing someone (left) or actually being pierced by someone (right) as an erotic stimulation; or one who has piercings (left) or one who desires someone with piercings (right)
Lavender Cross-dressing
Coral Foot fetishism Wants feet licked (left); wants to lick feet (right)
Mustard  Size queen
Gold Ménage à trois Two looking for one (left) or one looking for two (right)
Apricot Chubby chaser
Peach Bear or cub who is Interested in sex with another bear or cub
Light yellow Spitting Left—wants to spit on partner during sex; right—wants to be spat upon during sex
Beige Anal–oral sex
Tan Cigar play Left—want to smoke a cigar while having sex; right—wants someone who smokes cigars while having sex (may also include the insertion of a cigar into various bodily orifices)
Rust Animal roleplay
Dark red Two-handed Anal fisting
Camouflage.svg Camouflage Rugged outdoorsman Having sex outdoors in the country (such as when going camping)
Greengingham.jpg Gingham Urban outdoorsman Having sex in an urban park
PinkArgyle.svg Argyle Geeks A geek or nerd (left) or interested in geeks or nerds (right)
Wheat 2641t.jpg Doily Tearoom trade Likes to have sex in public lavatories
Gold lamé Muscle sex Left—is a bodybuilder; right—looking for sex with a bodybuilder
Silver lamé Starfucker Left—is a rock star, celebrity or male groupie; right—looking for sex with a rock star, celebrity or male groupie
Black leather bandana Leather fetish
Black velvet bandana Videotaping Likes to make videotapes of the act while having sex (left); likes to be videotaped (right) (see amateur pornography)
Jolly-Roger.png Jolly Roger Costume Fetish Likes to wear a (non-military) costume while having sex (left); desires some in costume (right).
Gray flannel Suit and tie fetish Left—Likes to have sex while wearing a suit and tie; right—likes to have sex with someone who is wearing a suit and tie.
Hundtandsrutor.png Houndstooth Biting Likes to bite (Left) or likes to be bitten (right)
Checkerboard pattern.svg Checkerboard Safe sex e.g., frottage, or mutual masturbation or striptease in front of mirrors

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