SLPA Education

SLPA runs regular education events to provide awareness for our community of important things to keep us safe in play and  improve skills in your favourite fetish.

Some of our Education planned for 2013:

•More than just Pain

An Introduction to BDSM A workshop for beginners and intermediate level players that looks at the difference between Abuse and BDSM, safety issues, negotiating what you want, correct use of safe words, toys, gadgets and the like. A safe space to ask that embarrassing question you’ve always had.

•Smacks, Whacks and OOOPs!!! - Dungeon Safety and First Aid

Looks at Facts and Myths about BDSM safety, creating a safe play space, guidelines for Dungeon Monitors and some basic ‘how-tos’ for when things go wrong.

•Not just a SMACK!

An interactive workshop that looks at impact play using such fabulous things as straps, tawses, hairbrushes, paddles, canes and whatever else takes your fancy!

•Leather and Chains

While rope bondage is a beautiful art form, many people are seduced by the scent and restrictiveness of leather bondage. Well, leather and metal bondage is a lot more than just wrist and ankle restraints and in this workshop Mistress brings along a wide selection of leather and metal pieces for us to experience.

•Rope Play or Real Play?

A very revealing workshop that explores how different archetypes can enhance your scenes and free your inhibitions to try out the sides of your personality that are usually kept hidden!

•Power, Surrender & Intimacy – Who’s really In Charge?

An interactive workshop that explores the boundaries of what SM play can mean, the roles of Power and Surrender, the intimacy that can develop between players in SM play and who is actually in charge of what is happening.

•Sounds and Catheters

An old favourite. An interactive workshop that looks at the different types of Sounds and Dilators and the sensual aspects of urethral stimulation.

•SM and the Law

The latest instalment in our infamous series on BDSM and related legal issues.

We are also hoping to offer workshops on:



•Earning your Leathers and becoming part of a Leather Family. If you have any other ideas or if you are interested in running a workshop, we’d love to hear from you!

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