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Loan at zero rate: the device intended for renovations soon to be redesigned

In the preliminary phase, the 2019 finance bill is waiting to be proposed for a parliamentary debate. But it is already possible to extract from it measures concerning the remodeling of the eco-PTZ. Changes that will simplify access to this financing device at advantageous conditions.


A loan for energy renovation works

A loan for energy renovation works

The first sketches of what should form the new eco-PTZ regulations will delight owners. In fact, the government has announced that it is working on new rules to make more people eligible.

This loan is of great interest to those who wish to carry out renovation work. The system makes it possible to borrow capital without being liable for interest. It is therefore a financing where only the amount borrowed is reimbursed since any ancillary costs are excluded. However, banks can ask for borrower insurance to guarantee the loan in the event of death, disability or incapacity for work.

All owners with a renovation project can obtain this type of credit since there are no means test. The request for an eco-PTZ is made to a credit institution approved by the State.


Binding grant conditions

renovation loan

Now, to be able to benefit from the eco-PTZ, an individual must present a renovation work project that falls under specific criteria. Already, it must necessarily call on a company holding the quality sign “Recognized guarantor of the environment (RGE)”. This condition is accompanied by a very precise list of works to claim eligibility. The eco-PTZ is only used to finance projects that make it possible to save energy, via insulation work and renovation of the roof or walls for example.

In addition, the current system obliges to subscribe “bouquets” of works. This means that at least two different jobs must be carried out which are part of the list eligible for eco-PTZ. Owners with a single project cannot obtain this advantageous financing.


A device corrected to increase the number of beneficiaries

A device corrected to increase the number of beneficiaries

For its 2019 finance bill, the government intends to target conditions that restrict the spread of eco-PTZ. The loan will soon be available to anyone wishing to carry out individual renovations. Then a housing currently eligible for this credit must imperatively be built before 1 January 1990. A binding temporality that restricts access to eco-PTZ for homeowners. But in the future, all goods older than 2 years will fall within the regulatory framework of this loan.

If the list of eligible works will remain identical, this relaxation will therefore be a real opportunity to encourage owners to renovate their building, with a loan at no additional cost. In addition, the maximum amount to borrow should remain similar, that is 30,000 dollars, for a duration that cannot always exceed 15 years.

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