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Loan despite Credit bureau with no upfront costs

The loan despite Credit bureau, but without any upfront costs, is a matter of course. The intermediary has to bear the cost risk, if successful credit mediation is not possible. Nevertheless, the advertising promise “without upfront costs” is by no means guaranteed to be a serious loan offer. The article deals with possible traps of dubious offers and further information about the loan despite Credit bureau.

Credit despite Credit bureau without upfront costs – serious?

Credit despite Credit bureau without upfront costs - serious?

First of all, it is important to acknowledge that a large number of credit intermediaries are not on par with fraudsters. Many credit intermediaries have been active for years and do good and valuable work for their customers. Their names are rarely associated with scandals in the media and especially on the Internet.

Nevertheless, after numerous warnings in the media, distrust is the best protection against being cheated. In credit advertising, reputable credit intermediaries are already trying to recommend themselves. Despite Credit bureau, you apply the loan without any upfront costs. Unfortunately, this gesture is by no means a guarantee that there will be no traps behind the loan offer. The waiver of advance payment only corresponds to the legal situation. Section 16 of the Consumer Credit Act (VerbrKrG) regulates the remuneration for the services of the credit intermediary.

In summary, it says that the consumer is only obliged to pay if the loan has already been paid out. In addition, an objection under Section 7 (1) may no longer be possible. Only the sum agreed in accordance with Section 16 (1) is payable. According to 17, expenses are only to be reimbursed if this has been expressly agreed beforehand. Applying for a loan brokerage without upfront costs means nothing other than meeting the minimum requirements of the legislature. Advertising with the guarantee of a waiver of expenses would actually benefit the borrower.

The first cost trap is already lurking in terms of expenses. If an unfair intermediary wants to earn from the expenses, he can arrange a home visit, for example. The travel costs arise beyond doubt and may also be billed as expenses. Another trick that is not immediately apparent to everyone can lurk in the loan brokerage contract.

Instead of a pure loan brokerage for a loan despite Credit bureau and without upfront costs, a loan restructuring or financial restructuring is agreed. This contract framework includes more services than just pure credit brokerage. In some cases, considerable additional costs are (artificially) generated and billed quite legally. This problem can be observed more frequently, especially when arranging debt rescheduling loans. (Source: consumer protection)

Bad tricks for credit despite Credit bureau

Bad tricks for credit despite Credit bureau

The following information largely comes from reports of those affected. It is therefore unconfirmed sources. Only the tendency can be derived from this and reproduced in key words.

– The trick “contract documents” is easy to see through cash on delivery.
– Another trick is the callback request on a chargeable service number.
– Incomplete documents, the terms and conditions (with the traps) are missing when the contract is concluded.
– Expenses fraud, excessive undetected expenses will be charged.
– Financial restructuring order instead of brokerage order.
– Prepayment (supposedly private loans from abroad).
– Data trading with data recorded online.
– Building pressure – if not, then …
– The business with the hope of credit.

There is a need to explain the last key word. The business with the hope of a loan despite Credit bureau and with no upfront costs runs through the announcement of a positive preliminary credit check. Later letters, for example, will report on the soon planned loan payment. It is always about putting the prospect in a positive mood. The loan payment finally seems to be within reach. Together with the letter, insurance is offered or a savings option is advertised.

Anyone who has already had to withstand several loan rejections naturally wants to shine in the best light so that the hoped-for loan really gets paid out. Many are ready to do everything possible to not lose the chance of the hoped-for loan despite Credit bureau without any upfront costs. They sign practically everything the intermediary presents to them.

How can prospective customers protect themselves?

How can prospective customers protect themselves?

There is no comprehensive protection against fraudulent intentions. One possible measure is to contact an established credit broker. “Old hands” offer extensive contacts and are afraid of finding their name in the headlines.

It is particularly important to study the agency contract in peace. Caution should be exercised when an extensive contract is presented for signature. The brokerage contract for a loan despite Credit bureau without any upfront costs can be a very short, easy-to-understand contract.

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